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                                   Thank You for Your Support!

Our right to anchor in public waterways has been defended successfully in Florida!

In a recent survey, 97% of our members responding said MTOA should be involved in the fight to preserve boaters’ anchoring rights.   So MTOA, in collaboration with SSCA, AGLCA, and DeFever Cruisers, raised sufficient funds to employ lobbyist Jerry Paul of Capital Access to represent boaters' interests in Tallahassee.

As of May 1, legislation favorable to boaters' anchoring rights has passed the state legislature and awaits the Governor's signature.

Because of Mike Bodin’s expertise and hard work, MTOA took the lead, obtained the support of the entire boating community, and prevailed in the fight.

I’m very proud of MTOA today!

On behalf of all cruisers, many thanks!

Peter Colket #2867